CALVIN KLEIN CK One Eau de Toilette 200ML



This scent for men is an indulgent pleasure. Featuring rich masculine notes of cedar and sandalwood, and middle and Top Noteswith gentle floral and fruity pineapple hints, it is made with the utmost excellence and it shows! It also comes in a stylish bottle that is easily portable.


The Calvin Klein eau de toilette spray is a fresh and cool fragrance distilled and stored in a clear and transparent bottle. A silver screw cap on top of the bottle ensures the fragrance remains locked till the last spray. Blended with mild scents from essential oils of flowers, tangy fruits and herbs, this scent is a classic one to wear. This sleek white bottle of One EDT unisex perfume with the distinct brand logo emphasises the brand’s mark and spirit. Every bottle with 200ml of this refreshing cologne is formulated for both men and women and is recommended for day wear.

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Fragrance Type / Family

Fresh Cool



Product Type

Eau de Toilette

Size (ML)

200 ML

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Calvin Klein Inc. is a fashion house founded by American fashion designer Calvin Klein. The company is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York City and is currently owned by Phillips-Van Heusen. It started off as a youth fashion manufacturer and grew to fame for its apparels, ugs, watches and its range of fragrances.